About Anson

I see that you have stumbled across my site.  Well let me be the first to welcome you and invite your fingers to click around to your heart’s content. But first, perhaps a few words about me? 


Anson [AEN-suh n]:
I was born in Austin, Texas, but grew up in Santa Fe. Commonly called the City Different, Santa Fe is a culturally diverse art driven community nestled in the tail end of the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. Here, I spent my young years bathing in creativity, as I watched my father produce and sale beautiful abstract paintings out of local galleries. His talent and artistic eye was and continues to be awe-inspiring. I knew I was destined to become an artist too. I believe my parents also knew my fate. I had a bad habit of drawing on the walls of my room, enough to inspire them to cover them with blank canvas.

I continued my art as a hobby throughout grade school. Drawing cartoons for the school newspaper and even a few school commissioned murals. After graduating high school and later obtaining an associate degree in media arts, I was hired by the Santa Fe Reporter to be their new Art Director. Now I am closing in on my third year with this great publication. I have produced hundreds of illustrations and covers, winning multiple national awards for illustration, web design and layout. Working for SFR, I challenge myself daily to produce art in many styles so that the paper looks fresh every week. I have made this simple site for you to experience the illustration portion of my work. Please enjoy and stay in touch to see what’s next.

Anson Stevens-Bollen